Site du Bégo at Plouharnel

11bisIt’s a German battery constituted by 180 reinforced concrete elements hidden by the dunes.

It was built during World War II as part of the Atlantic Wall. The aim of this fortification was to protect Lorient’s harbor and the German submarines established at Lorient.

The construction of this site began in 1941 and lasted 2 years. 2000 people worked on it, among them local people, foreigners and prisoners from concentration camps. In order to feed all these workers, a farm was established on the dunes.

This battery was considered as one of the most powerful on the Atlantic wall and also as an example of German military engineering.

On March 13th 1944, General Rommel visited the site as it was an important strategic place and ordered to put more defenses on the beach. Indeed, the site is located at the entrance of Quiberon peninsula.

Today, you can still see bunkers which were part of the battery. Besides, every summer, the tourist office organized guided tours.

Each year, an event called “Assault on Bégo” is organized: it is a reconstitution of an Allied camp during World War II. It involved 50 vehicles and 200 persons dressed with uniforms of the period.

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