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  • The objectives of this initiative are to:

Objective n°1 : Gain recognition for the values embodied by this remembrance site: liberty, democracy, peace, reconciliation

Objective n°2 : Consolidate the preservation of this special area, the protection of which began in 1945– this objective will result in the implementation of a management plan

Objective n°3 : Give an impetus to the territory and unite remembrance tourism stakeholders based on an ambitious project designed to boost regional attractivenes

Objective n°4 :Enhance the worldwide opening of this memorial site

  • Outstanding Universal Value

« Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today and what we pass on to future generations. »

« World heritage sites belong to all the peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located. »

  • Beaches : symbolic sites

The Normandy region was severely hit and affected by this significant event in World War Two. The D-Day Landing Beaches serve as a reminder of this event and still bear the scars left by the intensity of the fighting. These now peaceful landscapes will soon be the only surviving witnesses of this day which remains engraved in memories.

  • The candidacy for the Unesco World Heritage Committee

The inscription request is a 2 stage-process:

1. Inscription on the national tentative list : Only the States (States parties to the convention) can propose properties to UNESCO for inscription on the World Heritage List. For this purpose, the World Heritage Committee asks every State to send a tentative list of the properties they wish to propose for inscription in the years to come; inscription on the national tentative list is therefore a prerequisite.

2. Submission of the application : The application is presented to the national Committee, which assesses its admissibility and submits it to UNESCO. UNESCO renders a decision 18 months later at the earliest, following an appraisal.

  • What is Unesco ?

« The United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organisation (UNESCO) was created on  16/11/1945. For this specialised United Nations agency, what matters most is not to build classrooms in devastated countries or restore World Heritage sites.

The Organisation has a vast and ambitious objective:
building peace in the minds of men and women
through education, science, culture and communication. »

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  • Discover the properties included in the Basse-Normandie Region :

Mont-Saint-Michel (insérer une photo)

Vauban sites : St-Vaast-La-Hougue (insérer une photo)

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