German counter-attack

A new army is created: the III Army directed by the General Patton and composed by 3 army corps which took different direction: Brittany, the Loire and Le Mans . On the east flank, the progression of 1st American Army was more difficult especially because of the resistance of the German Army in this sector. On August 2nd, Americans released Percy, Villedieu, Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët and Mortain the following day. However, on August 7th, Germans launched a counter-attack (operation “Lüttich”) with the tanks at Mortain. The operation desired by Hitler which aim was to reach the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel to isolate the American troops located near this area. Germans retook temporarily the control of Mortain thanks to a deep frog and a bombardment of the town which occurred during the night. However, in this afternoon the weather was different and American planes were able to attack German tanks. Americans retook the control of the zone. The German counter-attack was a failure.