The Battle of the Falaise pocket

After failure of the German counter-attack, German troops were weakened. Generals Bradley and Montgomery took advantage of this situation to organize an operation aimed at trap the German forces in the West by encircling them. American troops established at Le Mans since August 9th, began an advance northwards and in direction of Argentan. Men of troops directed by General Montgomery re-launched the offensive in South of Caen. Polishes and the Canadians of General Maczeck’s 1st Armoured Division, present on the battlefield for a short while, advanced to Falaise and took the control of the town on August 17th. From August 17th to 21st, British soldiers (coming from the North-West) and the Americans (coming from the South and the West) encircled the Germans located near Falaise. 10 000 German soldiers were killed and 50 000 were arrested. Some Germans managed to escape in the direction of the East. The Allied victory was significant for the rest of the war.