The end of the Battle

German troops who survived to the Falaise pocket left Normandy and reach the Seine. So, on August 25th, British Army takes the opportunity to release Lisieux and also coastal towns located between Cabourg and Honfleur. As for Americans, they released Evreux. Germans which were very few, directly go to Germany without stops. So, the Allies were able to release Paris on August 25th. However, a German division was still present in Le Havre and did not want to surrender without fighting. On August 10th, the Allied tanks entered in the town and released Le Havre on August 12th. There were 2000 civilian victims in the town. This is the end of the battle of Normandy. There were numerous victims in the Allied and in the German ranks but also among civilians in many martyred towns (Lisieux, Caen, Le, Havre, Saint-Lô, Avranches…).