The war of hedgerow

After the fall of Cherbourg, General Bradley and his soldiers took the direction of the south road. The American progression is complicated considering the configuration of the Norman bocage. The enclosed fields and small pathways prevented correct passing of the tanks. Any hedgerow was a perfect hiding place for German shooters. Human losses were important in GIs ranks. The road leading to Saint-Lô is difficult because of the impenetrable Norman bocage. Besides, this town is located at crossroads of important communication networks. Moreover Germans firmly defended the town which nickname is “capital of ruins” because of the damages caused by the bombardment of D-Day. On June 18th the Americans entered in the town. German soldiers stopped American offensives twice: first of all, on Lessay-Périers-Saint-Lô road, then at Périers and Sainteny where won 200 meters cost the life of 1500 men. July was a difficult month for the Allies. They didn’t respect the forecasts. Indeed, they were on Norman front whereas according to the forecasts, they should have released Brittany and should have taken the direction of the Loire.